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October 6th 1969 was a bright autumn day and the first day of trading for Ann and Doug James photography. Originally the company was built on Doug's profession of photography, selling cameras and printing photographs from film. In 1971 the couple had more reason to celebrate with the birth of their son Nick. Sadly Doug passed away in 1980, but with the help of family and friends Ann continued to trade. Ann then met Hugh Goodwin whilst on holiday and they were married in 1982. Hugh could also been seen behind the counter helping his new wife to run the shop. Their son Chris was born in 1983, on yet another bright autumn day.

Over 40 years later D H James continues to be a very busy and thriving business with a wealth of experience in the photography trade. Although you will no longer see Ann and Hugh in the shop, Nick and Chris are now partners in the business and continue to run the family firm. However, there have been many changes since that first day in 1969. Of course you can still get great advice on which camera suits your needs and the associated equipment, but now you can also display your images in a range of ways, from being mounted in custom made frames to printed onto a celebratory balloon.

Framing service

In terms of picture framing we started manufacturing frames in 2008 building upon our high reputation from our photography side of the business.  Originally making standard size high quality ready made frames and then branching out into tailor made custom frames for customers visiting the shop. With the invention of our custom made framing site and our frame wizard we have grown and grown producing bespoke handmade frames for individual orders and large scale orders for any type of company. Building upon our success and reputation is a new venture having started in 2012 to allow us to service customers from all over the UK. Our team of framers are now be able to produce most types of frames from standard sizes to almost any made to measure frame.

We are pound that all of our frames are hand made in the UK to a high quality and we even endeavour to source our materials locally within 20 miles of our premises.